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Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him <3

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him <3

Ahhh, it is that time again. Love is in the air and social media timelines are bubbling with #wcw, #mcm and #soulmate. Yes, I think we can all admit that Valentines day can get a bit smothering. But, what I love most about this "Hallmark holiday" is the celebration of love. Whether it is for a friend, significant other, parent or coworker, or yourself, love is a special kinda feeling. Celebrating this love doesn't have to be cheesy (cue piles of roses, gourmet chocolate, and a violinist accompanying an Italian dinner) it can be super fun and creative. I love picking fun and unique things out for the man in my life and I know he would love any of these unique and fun gifts. 

1. Beard Brush and Oil Set 

Beard Comb and Oil

My boyfriend has the best beard all year round thanks to the great beard products I gift him with throughout the year. Just like our damaged ends on our over processed heads, our significant others beards can get damaged too if not properly cared for. Gift your man with this awesome beard set from Amazon and you'll be as pleased as he will be.

2. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo

If your S/O is one of the few remaining people on planet Earth to not own some sort of music streaming device, an Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect gift. My boyfriend loves all things tech and I know this would be a hit with him. It is lightweight, easy to use, and produces quality sound. They are inexpensive (thanks to the ever changing tech world) and it is sure to bring smiles. Maybe he will sweep you into a dance with Italian music while you make lasagna (true life, this happened. Yes we are that cheesy couple). 

3. Sephora Cologne Sampler

Sephora Cologne Sampler

I am cheating a bit with this next one because I gifted my bae this cologne sampler for Christmas. However, this was such a hit I had to include it on the list. For $65, the man in your life receives this super trendy leather toiletry bag filled with 12 mini cologne samples. Each one with its unique notes, he can spend a great deal of time testing them all out. After he has given each once a hefty sniff test, just take the coupon card included in the bag to a Sephora store where he can exchange the card for a full size bottle of his favorite fragrance. My boyfriend and I had such a great time trying out the different scents and going in to the store to see all the different bottles (plus you get a trip to Sephora, really it's a gift for you). This gift is such a fun and unique idea any man is sure to enjoy! 

4. Stylish Shoes


What woman doesn't love a nice dressed man. One easy way to accomplish this is to pick the items out yourself (*wink*). I love picking out new shoes for my boyfriend. It allows me to try out different styles that he may not choose on his own and it's a way for him to expand his wardrobe options. Amazon has great deals on Adidas which is where I usually snag his from. Check out the Amazon Fashion section next time you're looking for something new. 

5. Unlimited Movie Dates

Movie Pass

I am so excited to talk about this next gift idea. Movie Pass is a new company that is attempting to bring back life to the movie going experience. Founded in 2011, Movie Pass allows the holder to see unlimited movies at over 4,000 theaters nation wide for a measley $9.95/mo! For two Starbucks coffees per month, you can go on unlimited dates with your boo thang. I think this is probably my favorite gift idea of them all because it is a gift that encourages more time spent together; after all, time spent together is the best gift. 

6. Mens Subscription Box

Sprezza Subscription Box

I know most of the ladies reading this are familiar with Ipsy and Birchbox. One of the best times of the month is getting a beauty subscription box in the mail. I even get a subscription box for my dog. But one household member often left out is the boyfriend. It is so fun to come home and open up a whole new box of goodies, so shouldn't we share this excitement with the men in our lives too? Sprezza, Italian slang for dapper or stylish, without seemingly trying, is one of the newest mens subscriptions boxes fresh outta NYC. For $28/month (guaranteed to have over $100 in value) the man in your life will receive 5-6 products, including ties, socks, pocket squares, grooming products & more, handpicked by a stylist. What a great way to, again, help our men dress a little nicer (#4) and enjoy a mini Christmas each month! Check out Sprezza, you'll be happy you did. 

**I was sent some of these products for review but my reviews are always genuine and my own.**

xoxo Miranda from the Midwest

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