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An Unlikely Content Creator: Why Every Business Needs a Therapist

An Unlikely Content Creator: Why Every Business Needs a Therapist

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What do you think of when you hear the word therapist? Most people think of someone they can go and talk to when life stressors become too difficult to keep inside. Therapists are wonderful people who have tremendous communication and people skills. Moreover, therapists are creative and friendly individuals with brilliant writing abilities and influential relationship skills. Therapy has become more widely accepted by Millennials and therapists are branching out of traditional roles to integrate with the ever expanding content creating milieu. Below are some compelling points as to why a therapist may just be the perfect individual to add to your creative staff. 

1. We Know People Better Than We Know Ourselves (seriously, we’re really good at figuring someone out).

When you take a look at the job expectations of someone in a content creator role such as a lifestyle editor, you want someone who is able to connect to individuals in all corners of interest in order to reach as many people as possible. As therapists, we relate to people on multiple facets and we are able to connect to individuals with ease. Simply put, we are in the business of understanding people.

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2. Instead Of Ignoring Conflict, We Run To The Epicenter To Resolve It.

A therapist is hardwired to identify conflict as a tool that someone can utilize to make significant changes which leads to self-actualization. We LOVE when a conflict is brought into our work day because it offers us the opportunity to be creative, brainstorm, and problem solve. Content creating is not immune to problem solving and being able to stay on top of issues makes for a strong writer or editor. 

3. We Really, Truly Listen.

A part of the never ending development of a therapist is being able to actually listen. Not like, “yes girl, I completely think that Starbucks employee was so rude to you,” but like a “wow that must be so difficult, let’s try and process this emotion together” sort of way. We listen in each session like we have never listened before. Best therapy states that a therapist should only say 2-3 statements in session (hellllloo awkward silences) which means we are genuinely able to listen to others ideas and problems. Part of being on an editing team means being able to listen to everyones ideas and pitches. Therapists are a great addition to that creative team. 

4. We Are All Basically Writing Professors.

Writing is our strong point. On any given day, a therapist drafts 4-5 treatment plans, takes 8-10 case notes, responds to 3-4 psychiatrists, and develops group therapy lectures. Writing is what we do. Being able to communicate the development of an individuals change process is a strong therapist skill that directly parallels the needs of communicating content to readers as a content creator.

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5. Timelines Are Our Middle Name.

Introduce me to a therapist who has never been faced with a timeline and I will show you a unicorn. Timelines, much like writing, are second nature to us. Much of what we do is delegated by insurance coverages and state laws. If we do not have paperwork completed by strict and fast deadlines, our agency may miss out on billing for a patient’s therapy session; HUGE no no in the therapy world. We slay at timelines and flourish under pressure which equals developing exciting and new content for readers that will most likely be done before your deadlines.

6. We Are Flexible.

Comparatively to the strict nature of deadlines running our lives, we are flexible AF. A day in the life of a therapist is never uneventful. We treat people who suffer with suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, homicidal behavior, and social phobias. Each day we walk in to our office, we have no idea what we are going to be met with. We have to be consistently on our toes to adjust accordingly to emergencies and crises. Content creating and editing is an extremely fast paced and ever changing career that needs a flexible individual. Therapists can do flexible like no bodies business.

7. We Are Creative.

You may think to yourself that because we are guided by such strong boundaries of insurance and law that we are not creative, but that is quite the contrary. Creativity and individuality are nurtured in therapy as it can help a patient discover themselves in a new light. As therapists, self care is truly a necessity of our job. Many of us have unique and creative sides that refuel our tank of empathy. We each are so much more than just a therapist and when you pull back the curtain, many of us are a jack of all trades. Our creativity translates to our work in our career and that is evident.

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8. We Love A Good Challenge.

We are able to handle challenges with ease in order to engage a patient in their own self-discovery and any mental health clinic will show you that. A therapists job is a consistent challenge because change is one of the hardest things any human being can attempt. A day in the life of a content creator or lifestyle editor also has no shortage of challenges with the ever changing world around us. It can be a stressful job to have to always be on top of the newest and next thing, but what an exciting challenge that poses!

9. A Degree In Communication Should Accompany Every Social Work Diploma.

Therapists encounter heaps of communication. We communicate with our colleagues, supervisors, psychiatrists, and patients each day. Therapists often say they have a Master’s Degree in talking to people because without a strong ability to communicate, therapy would be nonexistent. Strong communication in any role in creating content and editing should certainly be the first requirement as collaboration and communication are pivotal to drafting engaging content.

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10. We Surprise Ourselves At How Much We Can Handle And Still Remain Organized.

Re-enter point 4. Therapists handle a crazy amount of writing and communication each day. Being able to keep a record of what you said, what they said, when it was said, and where it was said is an art form and therapists are no strangers to that. In the therapy world, if you do not document it, it didn’t happen, so we learn before we even graduate that planners are gold and organization is just not optional. Content creating and editing are no stranger to organization and in fact, without it, content can come off as sloppy and not well thought out.

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11. We Are Some Of The Nicest People You Will Ever Meet.

We are in the business of making people feel better. Nice is a natural born characteristic of a therapist. Now, in my case, I am doubled up on the nice o’ meter being from the Midwest AND a therapist, (hey Midwestern sensibilities). We love people, We love socializing, We love learning about different cultures and mindsets. A therapist can be a quintessential addition to any editing staff as we bring people together. We leave a little trail of happy wherever we go because feeling good feels so great!

12. We Are Highly Dedicated.

Not many professions out there come with the definitive understanding that it will be difficult, scary, traumatic, undervalued and is also accompanied with minimal pay. It takes a highly dedicated and genuine individual to do the work we do. We do not do it for the money. We do it for the satisfaction of knowing we made someones life a little better. We have influence on how people interact with the world around them and that is an invaluable skill. If that right there is not indicative of highly dedicated, then I fold.

Now is the time for employers to see therapists for what they truly are, professional and enthusiastically nice people who can communicate with a crack in the wall if necessary. We are dedicated, friendly, flexible, creative, and organized. Any company would be propitious to employ a therapist in a non-traditional therapy role and utilize their amazing people skills for creative focused positions.

Let me know your thoughts below!

xoxo Miranda from the Midwest

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