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Where To Shop in NYC Outside of Manhattan?

Where To Shop in NYC Outside of Manhattan?

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As a Midwesterner, I always thought of New York as Manhattan. Once I moved here in Summer, I quickly learned that there is much more to New York than 5th avenue or Central Park. While Manhattan has a sparkly, magical atmosphere especially during the holiday season, there is so much more to New York than Manhattan. 

New York has some of the best shopping in the entire world. Of course there are the luxury anchor stores that are world famous; Sak's 5th Avenue, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior. However, some of the best shopping in New York lies in the other four boroughs. My biggest word of advice to those traveling to NYC from another part of the country or world is to break away from Manhattan. There is an entire culturally diverse and unique world that surrounds Manhattan in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx.

Here I have compiled a list of spots I definitely think everyone should check out. Three price points and three types of shops that are sure to please any shopper reading this. Explore the other boroughs when visiting New York. I promise you won't be disappointed! 


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Conscious Closets:

Unique Boutique 2588 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11102 $

Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse 251 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222 $$

Front General Store 143 Front St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 $$$

Hipster Shops:

Dry Goods 362 Atlantic Ave Boerum Hill, NY 11207 $

Alter 140 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY 11222 $$

Concrete + Water 485 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 $$$

Local Designers Shops:

The Meat Market Brooklyn 380 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216 $

Lockwood 3215 33rd St. Astoria, NY 11106 $$

Meg 358 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217 $$$

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Thanks to Yelp for all of the info I consolidated here! I use Yelp all the time, especially when I am traveling to a new city, so make sure you check out Yelp wherever you plan to visit next! Let me know in the comments below what your shop style is and what shop from the list you'd love to visit!

xoxo Miranda from the Midwest

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