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Shopping Trends Without Going Broke

Shopping Trends Without Going Broke

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Unlike a large majority of fashion bloggers out there, I am drawn more towards a second-hand clothing item at a consignment shop than something I can only exclusively find on a luxury sales rack in Nordstrom. Sure, fashion blogging is partly about the newest, on trend pieces often created by high end designers. But the other half of fashion blogging is all about how to snag those trending pieces at an amazing price so you can stay up to date from season to season without killing your pocket book. In this post, I have rounded up my 6 best tips for finding the greatest deals on trending pieces so you can be fashionable throughout the whole year while still stacking those Benjamins. 

1.     Get creative about where you shop

Shop outside where you’re comfortable, think Goodwill or your local thrift shop. I have found multiple designer handbags, clothing items, and shoes at my local Goodwill’s, like one of my all-time favorite navy suede cross body bag that I styled with this outfit.

Longline duster jacket ,  luxe tank ,  jeans ,  brown flats , necklace (past season at  Target )

The key is to have those pieces you discover laundered and tailored appropriately before use so they are as good as new! Another great option is Thred Up. Thred Up identifies itself as The Largest Online Consignment & Thrift Store offering up secondhand clothes with first hand fun. At any given time, you can find tremendously discounted items on Thred Up’s newest section, Luxe, which caters to the designer seekers in all of us without making us decide between a new handbag or the cable bill. Fashion is all about pushing the limits and trying new trends that may be completely out of your comfort zone. So why shouldn’t where you shop for those pieces be equally as unique?  

2.     Don’t spend a fortune

This is a pretty obvious tip, but one I feel needs to be said. Do not break your bank account trying to stay on trend with the newest designer pieces. This is difficult, specifically as a fashion blogger, because there is so much pressure to have the newest and nicest and stay at the forefront of your niche. But through personal experience, I have found that individuals will be drawn to you more if you can teach them how to stretch their dollar and still be on trend. So even if it is a no brainer, do not spend a fortune on things that will be out of season in 4 months. I snagged the sweater featured below from Walmart for a measly $12! It is one of my fall staples and it is incredibly easy to pair with higher end pieces. 

Find a similar sweater  here  for under $20!

Find a similar sweater here for under $20!

3.    If it is super affordable, just buy it.

Did I need a black leopard wristlet? No. But was it only $6? Yes. So, the simple question of “do I need this” can be answered with the price. If it is a super trendy color, pattern, or item and it is like, crazy marked down, SNAG IT! Keep you eyes peeled for those "can't pass this up" sales. I purchased this wristlet at the end of the summer season for really cheap, but now you can find the fall version here for $20. If you want a great deal, snag it near the end of fall! 

I have never regretted grabbing something that I was so so about in the beginning. In the end, I either wore it and got my money back through using it in just one outfit, or I never wore it and didn’t regret it because it was such steal. Another piece that I have grown to LOVE is this vibrantly colored paisley dress. In the fitting room, it looked kind of frumpy and the lighting made me question it, but it was $10! For a shift dress in a somewhat trendy design with pockets and lace up details, I could not shy away from just $10, no matter how iffy I was on it. So, I snagged it and I have loved it ever since (discovered at Ross Dress for Less). Whatever piece you’re questioning, just buy it. You will not be sorry! 

4.     Join email subscription prompts and look to your favorite YouTubers

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that those emails are super freaking annoying. But what is not annoying is saving 10, 15, even 30% at times as a welcome gift. Most, if not all, shopping sites will have a pop up when you visit their website to join their email subscription service. Like Nike says, just do it. You can always unsubscribe from a subscription once you receive the discount welcome code. Or, perhaps you will love their emails and be super intrigued with what they offer you and you’ll want to keep your subscription (they often send out follow up coupon codes so you can save some more cash). Another great option is turning to those YouTubers you love watching for their affiliate codes. I snagged an extra 40% off the rose duster featured earlier in the post, and below, just by using a YouTubers coupon code that she has exclusively for her subscribers. YouTubers are there for more than just our entertainment so use them when you can! If managed correctly, this tip could save you a lot of money!

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5.     Google “your store name” coupon codes on Retail Me Not

I have taught myself to not purchase anything online without checking Retail Me Not first. There is almost always some kind of coupon out there. An additional 10% off, $50 off $150, or free shipping are not unheard of offers to discover floating around the world-wide web. I was able to get free shipping and 10% off on these jeans from Old Navy by searching for Old Navy on Retail Me Not! If you are truly dedicated to grabbing that trending item, you’ll be equally dedicated to having a set routine when you sit down to online shop. 

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6.     Use a gift card as a "store card"

You know those offers at a department store that say “coupon valid with store card only?” Yeah, those suck. Not only does it segregate an entire shopping market, it encourages credit card applications, which is the opposite of saving money. Don’t get sucked into the trap (trust me, I know) and be a smart shopper. One loop hole I was given by David of David Muro Photography, is to purchase a gift card at the store you intend on shopping for around the amount you plan to spend. Once you have this store gift card, it is considered a “store card.” Then you can combine that “store card only” coupon with the store gift card and snag some serious discounts. Try it out at your favorite department store and let me know how well it worked for you; I haven’t been let down yet. **always make sure to ask a sales associate or supervisor before purchasing a gift card, each store has its own rules** 

Looking good does not need to cost a fortune. Be creative, go outside your comfort zone, put in some work to save some cash, and when it doubt, just buy it. The trendiest look you can style is one that saved you a ton of money. Let me know some of your tips and tricks that I should try in the comments below.


Xoxo Miranda from the Midwest

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