Miranda from the Midwest.

“Oh, you’re from the Midwest, that’s why you care.”

“Is everything served as a hot dish?”

“But you guys have, like, terrible winters right?”

“So you’re a Packers fan.”

“You must like beer and cheese.”

Hey there. I’m Miranda from the Midwest. By day, I am an individual therapist. By night, I drink PBR and eat hunks of cheddar (half true).

After moving from Milwaukee to Queens in July 2017, I came to find that one of these things is not like the other. Being a Midwesterner in New York City has proven a struggle at times; however, it has been one of the transformative and exciting adventures I have ever begun.

Like every other 20 something, my interests include making my apartment look like a Home Goods, styling outfits for the most likes on Instagram, buying my fur children way too many Puppychinos, and succumbing to every beauty item Youtube tells me I need.

I am taking my bite out of the Big Apple and figuring out what it means to be a millennial in 2018. I stumble through like just like the rest of you out there; I am no professional. My hope is that I inspire some of you to take big chances in your life, do scary things, and make mistakes because that is truly when we are capable of the most growth (Pinterest told me so).

Welcome, I hope you stick around and while you are here, Excuse My Midwest, it is pretty proud.